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Golphin Grandmother Speaks, Expresses Sorrow

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Christine McCray says she didn't know the boys had murder in them.
KINGSTREE, S.C. — A few hours before two North Carolina officers were shot, the Golphinbrothers were hanging out in a parking lot behind a financial company inKingstree, S.C. It turns out, the brothers' grandmother workedjust two doors down from the loan company.

One business owner was so concerned about the Golphins' presence, hecalledpolice. A drug store delivery man told the two teenagers to move along.

"I told them someone called police," recalls Darrell Brown. "I thought Iwas talking to a bunch of teenagers, a bunch of vagrants that had nothingelse to do. I thought they were looking for trouble."

Kevin Golphin, 17, had arrived in Kingstree, south of Florence, last Wednesday on a Greyhound bus. His bag didn't arrive withhim.

Ticket agent David Marcus says Golphin told him police had searched thebus and took his bags. Marcus wonders why, if they took his bags, whythey didn't take Golphin too.

Fayetteville police told WRAL Wednesday, the bags contained drugs. TheGolphin brothers were apparently staying with their grandparents, theMcCrays, in rural Greeleyville, SC, just south of Kingstree where therobbery took place.

The boy's grandmother, Christine McCray, says after police arrivedTuesday, her husband discovered his rifle was missing from a bedroomcloset.

"I'm very sorry that my Grans did it," McCray says. "I didn't know thatwas in them. I didn't know, and that's with my heart. It's out of myreach. I'm just sorry."

McCray wants to speak with the families of the two officers to express hercondolences.