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Habitat for Humanity Blitzing Cumberland Co.

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FAYETTEVILLE — Today, there is nothing but a plot ofland. But in just two weeks, a family will move into a house standing onthat very spot.

It's all part of a building blitz going on right now in CumberlandCounty. Habitat for Humanity is handing out the hammers and nails andorganizing the volunteers.

Volunteers from churches across Cumberland County are teaming up topractice what they preach. Equipped with building supplies, tools anddetermination they are making the American dream of home ownership for onelow income family. They will complete their task in just two weeks.

Habitat for Humanity's Melissa Villnow says the organization calls it"blitz building".

For volunteer John Olund, it has truly been a rewarding experienceworking onthe Habitat house.

The organization is celebrating its 10th year in the Fayetteville area.This home, when completed, will be the 36th built by Habitat volunteers. Afamily of four will be moving in. Villnow says they are currently livingina home damaged by Hurricane Fran.

Volunteer David Ruth says the organization's quest is to eliminate"shack" livingthroughout the county.

Right now Habitat for Humanity is working on 82 projects across NorthCarolina, frequently several houses at once. If you'd like to getinvolved, call the Habitat Chapter nearest you. If you can't donate yourtime, the organization is happy to accept a tax deductible cash donation.It's also always on looking for people to donate building materials, tools,trucks and property.