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Durham Police Seek Man Suspected of Molesting Child

Posted September 18, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— One family took a child to what they thought was a safe place only to have the little girl become a victim. It happened at a Durham Home Depot over the weekend. Now police are looking for a man they say is a child molester. 

An 11-year-old girl was molested in the Home Depot on Mt. Moriah Road in Durham on Saturday. Police say the girl went into the store with her father, went off to shop by herself, and fell victim to a man who preys on children. 

Police don't have much to go on except a grainy image of a man entering the Home Depot Saturday about 4:30. Investigator Art Holland says the individual knew what he was doing. Holland believes the man was outside in the parking lot, and watcher the girl enter the store with her father. 


Durham Police say the man approached the girl at the store. They say he offered to help the girl find her father, took her to the garden area, and molested her. Holland believes the best prevention is to tell kids not to talk to strangers. 


Police say they're looking for a white man, 5'11", 180-190 pounds, with short black hair and a goatee and moustache in his 30's. The little girl drew a picture of a tattoo which she says is on his upper left arm. 

Officers believe the suspect will strike again. That's why they are anxious to capture him and charge him with the crime. 


Police say three months ago, a young boy was propositioned in the same Home Depot store. The suspect in that case fits the same description as the man in this case. Police are looking into the possibility that the cases are related. 

andKerrie Hudzinski