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Diet Center Clients Will Get Refunds

Posted September 18, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— WRAL-TV5 reported Wednesday on a Raleigh weight loss clinic that closed its doors, stranding its customers, the day after popular diet drugs were taken off the market. Now, there's news on how those customers can get their money back.

The owner of Lifestyles Personal Weight Management Center in North Raleigh says customers seeking refunds of fees may write to P.O. Box 15437, Winston Salem, NC, 27113.

John Fore says those who contact the company will receive refunds.

The primary reason that center closed is because diet drugs known as Redux and fen-phen will no be longer available. That has millions of people looking for a new miracle drug that will help melt the pounds.

You can expect to hear a lot about an "herbal" version of fen-phen. It's a combination of an appetite suppressant and St. John's Wort an anti- depressant, but doctors warn just because herbs are natural that doesn't mean they are necessarily safe.

The FDA doesn't govern the herbal market.

Doctors continue to insist that the only proven way to successfully lose weight is to cut back on fat and calories and increase activity with exercise.