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Diet Clinic Goes Out of Business

Posted September 17, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— When two diet drugs went off the market after studies showed they could cause serious heart damage, one Raleigh diet clinic that specialized in prescribing those drugs said it's out of business.

The Lifestyles Personal Weight Management Clinic off Millbrook Road specialized in creating weight loss plans using the two drugs the FDA issued national warnings about Monday, Phen-fen and Redux.

About 50 clients were still on programs that they had already paid for. A quick exit by owners has some customers wondering whether their wallets will now be slimmer.

Employees of the diet center in North Raleigh were told Tuesday afternoon that instead of continuing to help people lose weight, they'd be losing their jobs.

Debbie Lamm, store manager, said the owner came to the center and said it would have to close.

The owner, John Fore, wouldn't comment about packing up and moving out. He just left a sign on the door with a contact, Bruce Johnson in Winston Salem and a P.O. Box number.

WRAL's Bret Baier called Winston-Salem directory assistance and found there was only one Bruce Johnson in the Winston-Salem area. He is a construction worker who said he has never heard of Lifestyles Personal Weight Management.

Lamm has worked at the center for a year and a half and said she has never heard of a Bruce Johnson.

The sign left by Fore is the only recourse for clients who still have money invested in weight-loss programs there. Baier managed to contact one of those clients by phone Tuesday night.

Lamm said she is concerned about the clients.

Lamm said she plans to sit at the store as long as she can Wednesday to tell the clients the news. Lamm had hoped despite the FDA warnings, to keep weight-loss programs going at Lifestyles with the drugs that are accepted and with exercise and a diet plan.