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Airport Noise Irks Area Residents

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MORRISVILLE — As more subdivisions invade the Triangle subdivisions are being built closer to the airport. Brick fronts, soddedlawns, and landscaping don't make up for the roar of jets overhead.

But before you dismiss complainers by asking if they've just noticed therunways, bear in mind that those complaints could cost Triangle taxpayers money.

Dominion Park in northwest Raleigh looks like an average suburbansubdivision, but the audio atmosphere is anything but average. Every day,Dominion Park residents are imposed upon by their noisy neighbors from thesouth -- planes from RDU International Airport.

Art Thomas has lived in the area for four years. He says he and hisfamily are used to the noise by now.

Other developments like Dominion Park are being planned and built. Theytoo will be positioned directly under flight paths. That causes someconcern at the Federal Aviation Administration. FAA Deputy Director PaulDykeman talked to WRAL-TV5's Bret Baier Wednesday.

"There's been a lapse of memory of what the responsibilities of localgovernments are when it comes to zoning around airports," Dykeman said."Economic conditions are making it attractive to build more houses nearairports. The FAA is asking local governments to zone responsibly,remembering noise."

Thomas says the noise is troublesome, but not impossible to live with.

Thomas added, however, that he wouldn't want to see the noise getworse.

Photographer:Keith Baker

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