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Fort Bragg Soldiers Tied to Spring Lake Murder

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SPRING LAKE — An accused gang member is dead, and two Fort Bragg soldiers in hot water,after a shootout in Spring Lake. Officers want to know how it happened,and why the soldiers were hanging out with someone believed to be part ofa gang.

Spring Lake police say two soldiers and a suspected gang member drove upto a Kaye Street house, just after midnight Monday. While the soldierswaited, officers say Leroy Singleton burst through the back door and firedone shot before someone inside killed him with a pistol grip shotgun.

Police say that's when the two soldiers, Jevon Poole and Corey Burrows, got into the action.

None of those shots hit anyone, but a few bullets tore through LetitiaHoward's bedroom window, next door.

Police Chief Gil Campbell says there's plenty of reason to believe theincident was gang-related, including tattoos on the deceased indicatinggang membership.

Police are still trying to figure out if the two soldiers are gang members, one soldier has apparently told police that the other soldier was. Bothsoldiers are in jail and are being held under a $75,000 bond. They werecharged with burglary, shooting into a home and conspiracy to commitmurder.

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