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NC State Chancellor Steps Down After 41 Years

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RALEIGH — North Carolina State University ChancellorLarry Monteith announced Tuesday that he would retire from the post he hasoccupied for eight years. He has been with the school for 41 years.

Larry Monteith inherited a University with, amid other problems, asoiled academic reputation among its student athletes. Tuesday, colleaguescredited his leadership with the restoration of that reputation.

Over the past eight years and increased level of pride has beengenerated on the State campus. Chancellor Monteith supervised theexplosive growth of the school's research facilities. Under his watch, theUniversity's endowments quadrupled. Colleagues say he is ending his careeron a very high note. Keith Harrod, chairman of the NCSU board of trusteessaid it's been a great eight years.

Upon taking office, Monteith recals that his greatest challenge was torestore the University's academic integrity. At the time, charges swirledaround the basketball program. Many players ignored their studies, butstill starred on the court. Monteith said he enjoyed working tore-establish a sense of trust between professors and coaches.

Dr. Art Cooper, faculty athletics representative, says Monteithaccomplished a great deal in that area.

Looking toward the future, Monteith sees the need for increasingdiversity on the campus and for creating financial opportunities for morestudents to enroll. He hopes his successor will have one quality he sayshe lacked -- charisma.

Monteith says he has no immediate plans for his retirement other thanto help the new Chancellor get started. He will remain in office until hissuccessor is chosen.