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Duke Employees Send Letter to Keohane About Racial Problems

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DURHAM — Employees at Duke University are asking the administration to solve theschool's racial problems. Faculty members signed a letter to President NanKeohane asking her to do something to improve race relations on campus.

There are about 12,000 students at Duke. Eight percent of those areAfrican American. Because of that some African Americans say they are nottreated fairly.

In April, Calvin Harding, an African American student, was arrested bymistake on campus. Harding's arrest lead to a silent protest on the stepsof the University Chapel. It also opened the doors to discussion onrace relations.

"Race relations in this country are not what they should be andthey are not what they should be at Duke," said Bobby Clark, Universityrelations director.

Clark said the Duke administration is dedicated to improving the problem,but they can't do it alone.

Now that race relations are being addressed Toby Wilder, Black StudentAlliance president, is confident that change is possible.

"We plan to seek the opportunity to make the most of affectingchange," said Wilder.

Administrators say they are not sure how to solve the problem but they areworking on it.