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Wake County Golf Course May Hunt Geese

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RALEIGH — Wake County has given Wildwood Green Golf Club permission to hunt geesethat club owners said have been tearing up the golf course. Some residentsare worried that the hunt could be putting people in danger.

The hunting hasn't started, and club owners are not really sure if itwill. If it does, it will happen right on the golf course. Hunters willcome out and shoot the geese that have been a big problem at Wildwood Green.

There's also another problem. People's houses are right along the courseand some of the residents are very concerned. Residents received a letterin their mailboxes a few days ago alerting them that a hunt could takeplace between September 2 and September 30.

The geese are drawn to little ponds that are scattered all over thecourse. Chip Watson, Wildwood Green Golf Club manager, said almost 200geese fly in every day, causing problems.

The solution? A hunt organized by local game wardens. Hunters wieldingshotguns on fairways and greens.

Watson said people won't be allowed to come out to the golf course andhunt freely.

Jamie Boyer, a resident, said someone is going to be in harm's way.

Some residents who live right along the course are not happy with thegoose hunting plan.

There is a county law that says you can't discharge a firearm within 1000feet of a dwelling. But since the sheriff's department is helping out withthe hunt eventually, officials said the law does not apply to the hunt.