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UNC Police Looking for Intruder

Posted September 10, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— UNC Chapel Hill campus police are searching for an intruder who entered a woman's dorm room while she was sleeping Tuesday night. The man ran off after the student woke up and screamed. The break-in has female students thinking twice while they're inside their dorm rooms and when they're walking across campus.

Investigators said they have several good leads that they are following and they hope to solve the case very soon. Students said the intruder entered Morrison Dorm, on UNC's south campus. They also said the incident has left them concerned about their safety.

Signs were posted on dorm doors warning students about the incident. The dorms are locked 24 hours a day, but students said the security is not foolproof.

Ellen Hays, a student, said lots of people just wait by the door for someone who has a key.

Janet Blevins said she would think twice about leaving her door unlocked.

Taryn Kuelpman said the incident was frightening, especially when she and others walked home at night.

Suite doors within the dorm are not locked. There are four individual dorm rooms within each suite, with approximately eight students living in the suite. With so many students coming and going, they often do not lock the suite doors. Campus police are urging all female students to lock their doors and take precautions, and are urging students not to let strangers tailgate behind them when they enter dorm buildings.