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Silver Diner Still Subject of Controversy in Cary

Posted September 10, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— It has beenreadyfor business since June, but Gypsy's Shiny Diner still sits vacant --notopen for business. The reason? Owner, Gypsy Gilliam and the town of Cary have yet to agree on how much of the diner should be silver and how much should be beige.

But, at long last, it appears the warring factions may have reached a compromise.

The dispute started many months ago when the Town of Cary said it couldn't live with silver aluminum. Gyspy Gilliam, who owns the diner, couldn't live with the beige brick Cary demanded. Now, it seems both have decided theycanlive with greenery.

So it might all be settled by simply allowing bushes to grow three feet tall, as high as the town wanted the bricks in the first place.

Gilliam and council member David Brooks worked out the deal, but it still must meet with the approval by the remaining council members at their Thursday night meeting. Will the council go along? Council member David Brooks says he's optimistic.

And Gilliam can live with a foot of her precious metal being covered by plants.

It does seem kind of obvious. How could this have been so difficult? Brooks says there were many people involved.

The diner could open as early as September 21, which is also Gilliam's 50th birthday, but opening the diner's doors, maynotclose the issue. Gilliam says she may run for town council as a write-in candidate. And these months of debate over a diner, may have left a sour taste in people's mouths.

Both sides agree that this is the most economical solution. Gilliam estimates that to tear up the facade and add one foot of bricks would have cost nearly $9,000.

Photographer:Terry Cantrell