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Raleigh Neighbors Recall Post-Fran Bonding

Posted September 4, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— One year ago WRAL-TV5'sGreg Fishel's forecast showed a strengthening storm heading for the North Carolina coast. By the next morning, the devastation caused by Hurricane Fran was astonishing. The aftermath continues and is still causing problems for many in the Triangle.

As WRAL-TV5 continues its series of special reports, "What Have We Learned,"Mark Robertsrevisited the Eton Road area, a particularly hard-hit neighborhood that many considered Raleigh's "ground zero."

Sara Knight says huge trees did extensive to her home.

Those were just the trees from Knight's own yard. By the time the neighbors' trees stopped falling in the force of Fran, Sara and her daughter were trapped inside their home.

Knight continues to fight her way out with repairs still going on. She's still unpacking boxes in her kitchen that have been packed. She just got back her prized 40-year-old sewing machine that needed repairs after Fran.

Most of the help now on Eton Road is hired, but before the first work crew arrived, Knight says the neighbors were building a bond.

After all they've been through Knight says the people of Eton Road have learned that the storm had its positive points.

A year later, the neighbors on Eton Road, as do many others in the Triangle, look back on a time when the numbers of their friends grew.