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Bookstores Doing Brisk Business With Diana Books

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A few special editions of Time and Newsweek are about all that remains on some bookstore shelves.
RALEIGH — Since the death of Princess Diana many peoplehave wanted to know more about the woman who captivated the world.

Royal watchers have flocked to local book stores clearing out shelves.At Borders Book Store in Cary there's not much left in print about theprincess. Even recently released special editions ofTimeandNewsweekmagazines are almost gone.

Anyone looking for publications about Diana will have his work cut outfor him. What's happening at Borders is happening all over. People justcan't seem to get enough of information about the princess.

Borders Manager Kathleen Rollins says there is a flurry of Dianarelated sales that has overwhelmed everything else in the store.

Even though current items are selling out, Rollins says reprints ofsome the hot selling items will be arriving over the next few weeks. Mostbooks about the princess will probably become more widely available byOctober or November. Anyone interested in purchasing the items, she says,would be well advised to place an advance order.

Photographer:Bill Jensen