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Seven Soldiers Disciplined in Investigation

Posted September 3, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— An investigation into sexual harassment allegations at Fort Bragg ended Tuesday with seven soldiers being disciplined.

The investigation was centered around the dining facility and uncovered inappropriate sexual comments and behavior made by soldiers. At one point 13 soldiers were under investigation, including several females. In the end five soldiers were counseled and reprimanded, and two received an Article 15, which can include reduction in pay and rank. Action is still pending against an eighth soldier. No criminal charges have been filed but the army insists it is taking the matter very seriously.

The working environment at the dining facility has been under the gun since spring. A new manager is in place and the chain of command is keeping a close eye on operations. Soldiers have had to go through sensitivity training on sexual harassment and conduct. All this follows the survey of the climate and the investigation.

The Fort Bragg spokesperson said the incident appears to be an isolated case. Right now there are no other investigations into sexual harassment on the base. Officials said there would be zero tolerance for such actions.