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Grocery Chains Unite, Tabloids Taken Off Shelves

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Betty Barbour believes pictures of the wreckage have no business being published.
RALEIGH — Two of the nation's largest supermarket chains say they will not selltabloid papers that publish pictures of the car crash that killed PrincessDiana.

Kroger Corporation and Winn-Dixie announced their decisions Wednesday,while Food Lion, and Harris Teeter were also considering joining their fellow grocers in the ban.

Shoppers told WRAL'sMark Robertsthey are behind the move all the way.

Jeannette Bennett says it's a great idea. She says if it weren't for thePaparazzi chasing Diana, the car wouldn't have been going so fast, and theaccident might not have happened.

Betty Barbour agrees. She says Diana was a great lady who doesn't deserveto have such things published. Barbour isn't worried about what peoplemay say about censorship.

Nese Pulley says even though the accident happened in another country,when she heard about it, she felt like it was happening here. Pulley alsoblames the media. She believes everyone needs privacy.

Most of the photos being talked about won't be out until later this week.Some of the tabloids are claiming they won't publish the photos of Diana'sfinal moments in their magazines.

Harris Teeter and Winn Dixie have already pulled some tabloids off theshelves, after receiving customer complaints. The pictures in thoseissues were taken well before Diana was killed. So already, the tragedyis having a ripple effect, at least in local stores.

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