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SBI Investigates Shooting Involving Hoke Deputy

Posted September 2, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— A Hoke County sheriff deputy remains on administrative leave, while the SBI investigates why he shot and killed a man Saturday morning. Drunk driving may have played a factor.

Shattered and riddled with bullet holes, a home video shows that a van was shot at several times. The driver, David Sivak, was killed. But what the video doesn't show is what some witnesses say led to the shooting. They say Sivak tried to run over sheriff's deputy Frank Hicks. The victim's wife say that's not true.

David was shot several times there was one fatal shot but there were other shots into his body.

JoAnn ivak admits her husband may have been drinking and driving, which might explain why he sped away from deputies.

Sivak believes her husband was merely scared. She says he didn't want to get a ticket. It's her belief that her husband would have walked through their front door had officers waited for him.

There is still all kinds of evidence, but no one's really sure what happened. The SBI is still investigating, so they say they can't talk to WRAL. They also won't talk to the family until they're done with the investigation.

That's not good enough for Sivak's family. Monday, they took their complaints to the street by picketing in front of the Sheriff's Department. The Sheriff says he wants to get to the bottom of this too, but he's just following procedures.

Until then it looks like Sivak's family must wait for the investigators to determine what really happened..

SBI investigators aren't sure when they'll close the case. The Sheriff told us that once those results are in he will then look to see if any changes need to be made in how his deputies are trained.