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Raleigh Woman Up for Parole, Neighbors Worried

Posted September 2, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— A Raleigh woman who pleaded no contest to charges she torched her father's business and home four years ago, came up for a parole hearing Tuesday.

Some conditions that could be lifted, and that has her old neighbors pretty upset.

Carol Wilkinson is a diagnosed paranoid-schizophrenic. Currently, she is allowed to visit her parents twice a week for no more than three hours at a time. She now wants more liberal visitation, but some neighbors say Wilkinson is danger to their Country Club Hills neighborhood.

Wilkinson's confinement came after she pleaded no-contest when accused of torching a Cameron Village business in May, 1993. A dozen buildings were scorched and the blaze caused $5 million in damages.

Records indicate Wilkinson also tried to set fire to her parents' home on two different occasions.

Some neighborhoods say they don't feel Country Club Hills is the place Wilkinson needs to be.

Wilkinson's five year probation ends in 2001. She now lives just a few blocks from her parents' neighborhood.

The Tuesday hearing was expected to answer a lot of questions.