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Children May Fear Loss of Parent Watching Diana Coverage

Posted September 2, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Our children are watching coverage of the death of Lady Diana. For many of them it could be a scary reminder that their parents are not going to live forever. Now, with school back in session, it's time to sort out all of the emotions.

A spokesperson for Wake County Public Schools says elementary and middle school aged children are not adversely affected by the tragedy surrounding Diana's death. But some students at Athens High School say they will remember Diana as an great humanitarian.

Princess Diana walked with royalty, but lived with humility. Her efforts to help those in need endeared her to millions worldwide, including students at Athens High School.

Greg Baldwin is one of many students in Mr. Davenport's world civilization class. Diana's death was the subject of their class discussion.

The students all agree that Diana taught them something about giving, but they're divided on the issue of where to place the blame for her death -- on the chauffeur or the paparazzi.

Parents should allow their children to express any fears they have in the aftermath of Diana's death.