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People Outraged at Overwhelming Coverage of Princess Diana

Posted September 1, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— The paparazzi are freelance photographers who hunt down shots of celebrities and then try to sell them. They are not considered part of the legitimate media. Many are blaming the accident that killed Princess Diana and her companions on the paparazzi and tabloid papers for their relentless stalking.

Flip through the pages of almost any tabloid, and you would find any kind of story or pictures of Princess Diana.

"I will go out and buy People magazine, Newsweek, Time and read about her," said Liz Rouse, Raleigh resident. "She was beautiful and interesting to read about."

A lot of other people felt the same way because they purchased magazines and tabloids with Princess Di stories. The pictures supplied by photographers who would stop at nothing to get a shot of the princess, no matter where she was.

"When she got married she must have known what its going to be like," said Rouse. "If you marry a prince you are going to be in the public eye until you die and then some."

The National Enquirer, which does not have any pictures of the princess in its current issue, said it will not buy any paparazzi pictures.

"I hope the rest of the world press will join us and put a stop to this," said Steve Coz, National Enquirer editor. "Its time to put our feet down."

One of Germany's largest newspapers printed a front page paparazzi photo of rescuers trying to rescue Princess Diana from the car. The overwhelming coverage of the princess has outraged a lot of people. Their anger is not just directed at the paparazzi, but for the people who support the tabloid magazines.

"We as a society have become so blood thirsty for knowledge of people's personal lives that are really none of our business," said Leah Perry, Raleigh resident.

Announcements were made Monday about Diana's burial, and Britain is expected to come to a standstill Saturday morning when the ceremony takes place. It will be a state event, but not a full state funeral. The funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey where kings and queens are christened, crowned, wed and buried. It starts at 6 a.m. Eastern time.

President Clinton announced he will not head up the U.S. delegation to the funeral. There is no word on who will represent the United States.