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Minimum Wage Higher Today

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RALEIGH — Minimum wage earners are making 40 cents morean hour today. The increase is the second phase of a higher wage approvedongress last summer.

As of today, the minimum wage stands at $5.15 cents an hour.With but a 2 percent unemployment rate, the pay raise will havelittle impact in Raleigh.

Social worker Jenks Bulloch says any raise is good, but still fallsshort because people in the Triangle can't support themselves on $5.15 anhour.

The pay is better than minimum wage at fast food restaurants, whichseem to be in aperpetual state of looking for new hires. They are willing to payabove minimum wage, because they can't find anyone who will work for theminimum.

As one manager said, people can't "pay their rent and everything else"if they earn minimum wage.

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