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Abused Dogs Found in Spring Lake

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SPRING LAKE — Animal control officers found a horriblescene in Cumberland County yesterday when 16 dogs,starving and abused, were discovered chained up in a man's backyard.

Officers say the dogs were bred for fighting. The emaciated dogs had scratches and cuts on their bodies and ears.

Robert McCullum of Spring Lake is charged with animal cruelty.

Animal control officers found two dead dogs among the 16.Officers said they had starved to death. One officer said it broke his heart to see the dogs in such shape.

Pit bull puppies were also found abused -- their ears had been cut,which is commonly done to prepare them for fighting.

Neighbors, meanwhile, said they knew there was trouble with the dogsnot being fed or watered properly, fighting each other.

Animal control officers took the dogs away so they could get food andveterinary care.

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