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Man Who Killed His Girlfriend Could Be Released

Posted August 29, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Leman Evans was sentenced to spend nearly two years in prison for shooting his girlfriend Dewanna Burt. However, he could return to the streets as part of the state's work release program and that has the victim's relatives very upset.

Evans is being held at the Wake County jail where he has been since his arrest. He'll soon be transferred to the state prison system and two weeks later, he will be eligible for the prison work release program.

The victim's family members say the justice they received is no justice. Sixty-year-old Evans pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter, confessing to his role in last year's shooting death of Burt. The judge recommended immediate work release for Evans.

Burt's family said they don't like the sentence or the judge's recommendation for work release.

The judge was just following the law. North Carolina statute makes anyone sentenced to less than five years eligible for work release. Burt's relatives said Evans deserved more than two years.

Evans is apparently interested in his old job, working in the cafeteria at the North Carolina Farm Bureau. However, Burt's brother and several of her relatives work in the same building. Burt's relatives said it would be a slap in the face to have to see Burt's killer on a daily basis.