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Burglary Moving Into Rural Community

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NEW HILL — A rural community in southwest Wake Countyhas turned into a target for burglars. Now people in New Hill arewondering how to keep the burglars, at bay.

The area is dark and very rural. Lights are scarce and neighbors fewand far between. That, police say, is major attraction for burglars.

New Hill resident Mae Barbe says no one is safe any more.

A few days ago, burglars broke into Barbe's shed through a window. Notfar away, burglars also struck at the small store. Both are part of a rashof break ins that have occurred recently in New Hill, in southeastern WakeCounty.

Wallace Womble has lived in New Hill all his life. He says he's notvery bothered by the burglaries.

Police say people in areas like New Hill should take particularprecautions. Keep all doors and windows locked. Make sure there is plentyof light around your house and property. Consider joining forces withothers to form a neighborhood watch program. Cary Police Lt. Sid Holdensays police will help.

Barbe says there are no guarantees of safety if someone wants to getinto your house badly enough.

With Labor Day approaching and many people traveling, rural residentsmay want to consider additional advice for those times when they are awayfrom home. Have someone pick up your mail and newspapers, make sure thehouse is secured, and ask neighbors to keep an eye on things for you.

Reporter:Wisdom Martin

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