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Triangle Focuses on New Ideas, Quick Money

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Ed Eggers says mainstream America is right here in the Triangle.
RALEIGH — More and more marketing ideas are being spawned right here in theTriangle. Companies are flocking to Raleigh to hear what you have to say.You might not know it, but the Triangle is becoming the nation's leader when it comes to focus groups.

We're constantly being swamped with ideas, slogans, and pitches.Companies just want to strike a chord with the customer. Those ideasoften come from customers themselves, and they come from roomslike the one at L&E Research in North Raleigh.

"You name it and we've probably done it," says L&E Owner Ed Eggers. Eggers says the Triangle is a hot bed for focus groups. With a booming,diverse population, many companies see the Triangle as a window onAmerica, a perfect place to get feedback.

Eggers also believes focus groups are getting a lot of good press. Hesays companies are just coming aware of it. They take a look at thedemographics and say "holy smokes, let's go down and talk to some of thesepeople."

A moderator sits in the room trying to get the focus group to expressopinions on a company's idea or product. Meanwhile, the client sits inthe other room watching and listening by video or through a two waymirror. Having focus groups that can express opinions intelligently isthe reason the Triangle is one of the best places for research in thenation.

Eggers says it's the closeness to the customers that marketers like. Theyare listening to what the customers have to say, and they act on it. Theywant people to tell they what they think, and people do that in focusgroups.

With seven univerities, the state capitol, Research Triangle Park withthousands of PhD's, and rural communities not far away, the Triangle is across-section of America. Companies want to cash in on how we feel.

People who participate in a focus group get paid anywhere from $30 to $50dollars for hour and a half sessions. There are a number of differentresearch companies in the Triangle.

If you're interested in participating, the company we spoke with says itsalways looking for people. You can call L&E Research at (919)782-3860.

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