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AAA Ranks Cumberland Co. 5th Most Dangerous

Posted August 27, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Thousands of families are packing their cars and breaking out the maps as the holiday weekend approaches. Before you chart your course, keep this in mind. AAA says you're least likely to get in an accident in Buncombe, Iredell, Orange, Forsyth, and Dare Counties.

But if you're passing through Mecklenburg, New Hanover, Pitt, Guilford, or Cumberland Counties, you really need to be careful. AAA of the Carolinas ranks the most dangerous driving counties so drivers are aware. Drivers have a lot to be aware of as they pass through Cumberland County. Cumberland is the 5th most dangerous driving county in the state. Drivers say the problem is other drivers.

"I see a lot of drivers that don't respect the fast lane," says driver, Random Coppage. "They have no regard for the faster traffic, traffic that could flow a lot smoother if they would regard the fast traffic, you know."

Truck drivers also say the problem is other drivers, specifically car drivers. Ricky Rogers believes if people could ride in a truck for a month or so and actually see what cars are doing to you, then maybe someone would realize that the truck driver isn't at fault all the time.

Highways seem to grab all the attention, but it's the back roads that claim the most lives. Cumberland County's high number of crashes, injuries and deaths come on a mix of roads, and from the mixture of traffic.

"Well, everyday we're getting more and more cars on the road," explains Trooper A.G. Stephenson. "When you have a large volume of cars, you're getting more people and more personalities, some of them driving long distances for days at a time, some of them just a 5 minute trip. So you have a lot of different driver personalities and a lot of different cars on the road."