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Progress of Clean Water Bill Prompts Census

Posted August 26, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— The progressing clean water legislation requires large hog operations to be at least 2,500 feet from outdoor recreation areas, and 500 feet from drinking water wells.

You might be surprised to learn in some towns, residents, even town leaders don't know where farms are located or how big they are. That's why Edgecombe county is now conducting a hog farm census.

You may know your local health department as a provider of low cost medical service, but in Edgecombe County, the department is taking on an additional job.

Health Director Jim Balass and his staff are in the process of putting together a map and a directory of local operations. He says it's the first time this information has been available in one place for easy public inspection. If a problem comes up, or if someone complains, the information will be easy to get."

County Manager Joe Durham believes the census will give Edgecombe County a step or two up in terms of already having an inventory of the farms or state plan showing the actual location of the facility.

But the information is designed to be useful for everyone, not just the government. Realtor Randy Davis says he can use it to more accurately inform potential homebuyers about their new neighborhood.

"We have to disclose material facts that affect any property that we buy and sell," says realtor, Randy Davis. "We often have people coming in asking about such operations and the impact on the property."

The health department has been compiling this hog farm census since May. It should be complete sometime this fall.