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State Campaign A Reminder of Penalties for Passing School Buses

Posted August 25, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Getting students to school safely is the focus of a major new state campaign called "The Bus Stops Here. So Should You." It's an effort to get the word out on the dangers of motorists passing stopped school buses.

Four state agencies got together after just a one-day study revealed thousands of violations. State leaders want to get the word out that the penalties for violating the school bus passing law are severe.

"Your insurance here in North Carolina, because of the points you receive, will go up a minimum of 90 percent for at least three years," said Sec. Richard Moore, N.C. Crime Control and Public Safety. "That's almost a doubling of your insurance dollars."

If one area gets significant complaints about passing school buses, state leaders said highway patrol officers will ride along on the buses to catch the violators.