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Racism Report to be Released in Fayetteville

Posted August 25, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— A report on Fayetteville's special investigation on racism in the city will be released Monday night. The meeting will hopefully answer questions of racism in the Fayetteville Police Department. 

It's an issue that has split the city council as well as people in the city. Chances are, the meeting will not clear up all the controversy. 

"I think every citizen in the county and city is interested to see what happens with this report," said Bobby Owens, Fayetteville resident. 

The city council hired Cincinnati civil rights lawyer Cheryl Grant in March to investigate allegations by three officers that Fayetteville's police chief discriminated against them. 

No one is sure what the report will say but investigator Hubert Peterkin, who has been with the department for over 10 years, said he thinks the claims are unfounded. 


Some council members said they don't need the report to know there is a problem. 

"In my heart, I don't see how she can not find anything," said Ida Ross, councilwoman. "In my heart, I really don't." 

No matter what the report shows, many believe the city will remain divided. 


The city has made some changes since the controversy began. An employee relations team has been hired to give suggestions to the city on how it can improve diversity. The police department itself held a cross-cultural communications class in mid-June and people believe similar suggestions will be made in the report. 


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