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Police Find Headless Goat in Cary

Posted August 25, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Police were called Sunday night about a headless, mutilated goat found near Cary Towne Center. When they arrived, they found what was left of the goat as well as a burned chicken.

The findings have some residents fearing a Satanic cult may be thriving in the Triangle.

Someone took a walk in the woods and made the startling discovery Sunday afternoon. What looked like a worship idol was tied to a tree. The idol had a necklace around it and a chicken feather on top. Below it, police found a burnt pile of feathers, probably a chicken. Fruits and vegetables were spread around it, giving the look of some type of offering.

A short distance away, the goat was found headless with its feet tied together.

Sgt. Gerald Britt of the Raleigh Police Department said they're not sure what the findings mean.

Greg Nixon and his family live nearby and his son likes to play in the woods. He said he was concerned about what kind of people were doing this and what else they planned on doing.

Britt said the police were going to work to find out what exactly happened.

Animal cruelty or possibly animal theft are the worst charges that the responsible individuals could be charged with.