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Back to School, Amid Uncertainty

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SMITHFIELD — Kids in Johnston and Durham Counties saidgood-bye to summer Monday morning as they headed back to the classroom forthe start of the new school year.

But in Johnston County, some parents and students start the new yearwith uncertainty.

That's because there is still no decision on the school board'scontroversial promotion policy. School board policy mandates if studentsfail end-of-grade tests, they don't pass their grade, regardless of theirperformance throughout the year.

A group of parents tried to get an injunction at least until the issuecan be tried on its merits.

Meanwhile, the first day will be a busy one, especially for schools inareas where population is growing rapidly. East Clayton Elementary, forexample, may well see a 15 percent rise in enrollment today. Benson andsome areas of Smithfield will also see strong growth.

Children at Glendale-Kenly school will be exploring a brand newbuilding today. Their old school burned down two yeaers ago, and sincethen classes have been held in various sites, among them churches andtrailers. Today brings all the children together again and in spiffy newsurroundings.

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