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NC Web Site Helps Those With Disabilities

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RALEIGH — North Carolinians with disabilities now haveaccess to a web site that delivers information about assistive technologyservices and equipment. The site was made possible by a grant from theKate B. Reynolds Foundation to Partnerships in Assistive Technology.

The Carolina Connection web site can be found at http://www.pat.org,where a wealth of information is displayed. One of the most popularservices offered at the site is access to assistive technology experts.Users can e-mail questions and receive answers from an expert at nocharge.

Assistive technology is any equipment or device used to increase theindependence of individuals with disabilities. Some examples includelarge-print books, wheelchair ramps, automatic doors and speciallydesigned hardward and software for the visually impaired.

The site also offers an electronic version of the newsletter, TheTechnicable.