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Suspect Charged in Raleigh Sexual Assault

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Darryl Ligon, suspect
RALEIGH — Raleigh police may have a break in a pair ofsexual assaults earlier this month. Both attacks occurred within minutesand miles of one another. A suspect is charged in one case and may belinked to the other.

When the attacks first happened, one at Walnut Creek apartments andthe other minutes later at the Melrose Apartments, residents werepuzzled because Melrose has state-of-the-art security. Only residents andtheir guests can get in.

Now police have arrested a Melrose resident in connectionwith that assault. Daryl Ligon is charged with first degree attempted sexual assault. Many residents had speculated that the suspect mightlive in the complex. The victim's mother says he lived in her daughter'sbuilding.

Raleigh Police Sgt. R.G. Joyner says it's unusual for a rapist tostrike so close to home.

Joyner says they are looking into the possibility of connecting Ligonto the Walnut Creek apartment assault, too.

Ligon has not been charged with that crime. Initially however when theattacks happened investigators did suspect they were related.

Security, already tight, has been further enhanced at Melrose. ComplexManager Nancy Szczech says the are offering crime prevention seminars forresidents.

The Melrose victim's mother says her daughter was not seriously hurt,but was very frightened by the assault. She says both of them will sleep alittle better knowing that someone has been locked up.

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