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Fayetteville Growth Causing Mail Delays

Posted August 22, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— The post office takes a very specific pride in delivering the mail on time, no matter what the weather. Every afternoon most people expect to see mail carriers delivering the daily mail. But some Fayetteville residents have noticed their mail is coming later and later.

Part of the problem is the UPS strike. The other part is that the amount of mail increases as the population grows, which means mail carriers have to change routes to keep up with the demand. That has meant some people have been getting their mail hours later than normal.

"Previously its come around 2:00 however lately it's been coming after sunset," said Sharon Kimmes, Fayetteville resident.

Unlike several other carriers George Shaw's route hasn't changed but his loads have gotten bigger. He can spend more than 10 hours a day making sure customers get their mail. That can put some deliveries off until the late afternoon which is a problem for people like Kimmes who do business at home.

"Without the things that are being delivered everyday for my business it actually puts me behind," said Kimmes.

Carriers are doing what they can to see that everyone is back to a normal schedule. But in a city where 800,000 pieces of mail are delivered everyday somebody's got to be at the end of the route.

This is not just a problem in Fayetteville. Some Raleigh neighborhoods have experienced similar delays. But the postmaster says the time of day mail gets delivered could change, but the mail will still arrive everyday.