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Durham Woman Sees Tiger in Her Backyard

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DURHAM — A Durham woman got quite a wake up call Wednesday morning when she walked out of her back door and saw a tiger, or at least something resembling a wildcat.

Edith Williams walked onto her deck around 7 a.m. and found somethingliterally tearing up a tree. She quickly called for help, and a short timelater Durham police and animal control officers were scouring the area.

"It was kind of a tan color with black stripes and it was too large to bea cat," said Williams.

It started to walk away, then it stopped.

The animal was probably not a tiger. It might have been a cougar or a wild bobcat. There's a chance it was a rabid animal.

"We don't know the potential of the animal, we don't know it's nature, it's attitude," said Stan Bragg, Animal Control Administrator.

If you see anything that resembles the animal Edith Williams described,call the Durham County Animal Control Office at 919-560-0630.