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Cumberland County School Buses Get Cell Phones

Posted August 21, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— A new program designed to keep students safe has included cell phones as a part of the safety features on Cumberland County school buses this year.

All 52 buses will have the phones to aid drivers in getting help if needed.

"It's the best thing they actually did for safety reasons if something happens to one of the kids we can call 911," said Carolene Sandoval, bus driver.

Safety is extremely important on these buses. They carry all of the county's exceptional children. Including Ann Lucero's son Ben, who's autistic.

Lucero said the phones make her more comfortable.

The phones tuck away in compartments right on the dashboard so they can easily be taken in and out. Drivers can dial the police department, sheriff's department, 911; they can use the phone for any type of emergency.

Most parents are just glad to know that if something does happen help is now within reach.

There's no worry of the phones being stolen. The drivers simply take the phones with them when they're done with their shifts. The Cumberland County school system would eventually like to put phones in all of the school buses.