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Raleigh Police on Alert After Series of Sexual Assaults

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RALEIGH — A series of sexual assaultsin Raleigh have women looking over their shoulders and police on alert.The recent attacks seem random, but that provides no comfort to victims.Now police say they may be about to paint a picture of a rapist. 

Most rapes are committed by someone known to the victim, or who hasbeen seen lurking in the area where he eventually commits the crime. Investigatorssay there are very few stranger attacks. Most rapists stalk their victimsbefore they strike. 

The most recent local attack occurred in a North Raleigh neighborhood.The victim was a 15-year-old girl. 

When temperatures rise, so do the number of calls to sexual assaulthotlines. Summer provides opportunities to rapists. More people are outsideand more people leave windows open in their homes. 

Sexual assault counselor Marie French says news of three recent assaultsis prompting even more calls. 


A boy was molested at Lake Wheeler Park over the past weekend. In twoseparate incidents, a woman and a teenager were attacker by men who crawledin their North Raleigh apartment windows Sunday and Monday mornings. 

French says it is very disturbing to hear about three such attacks injust three days. 

Dr. Michael Teague, criminal psychologist, helps Raleigh police profilecriminals. He says most rapists like to attack when the victim is sleeping,wanting to use the element of surprise to avoid resistance. 


Teague says the advice we often give children can also come into playin protecting oneself from a rapists attack: be wary of talking to strangers.Experts advise that you used common sense. Lock your home, lock your car,stay in well-lit areas and walk with friends when you can. 

Police are not revealing specifics on the recent rapes. They say theyappear to be random, but have not talked about suspect descriptions ormethods. There have been no arrests. 

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