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Prison Guards Facing Drug Charges

Posted August 18, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Three prison guards and an inmate from Harnett County were accused Monday night of selling marijuana inside the walls of the Harnett County Correctional Facility.

Deputies said they believe drugs were being sold for a while before they were tipped off in June. They're hoping the charges will send a strong message that drugs no matter where they're being sold will not be tolerated.

Prison is a place where prisoners are supposed to pay for their crimes. But behind the fences of Harnett County Correctional Facility, some prisoners were enjoying a freedom few would have guessed.

"There was contraband being carried inside to inmates," said Capt. John Atkins, Harnett County Sheriff's Department.

Deputies said at least three of the guards who were supposed to keep watch over the inmates were actually supplying them with marijuana. Some deputies were not surprised.

Atkins said the sheriff's department will do what it can to stop suppliers.

For now the drug trade going on inside the prison has stopped and deputies said they'll do everything they can to keep it from starting again.

Deputies said they're continuing to investigate and that more correctional officers could likely face charges.