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New NCSU Poultry House Cuts Down on Odor

Posted August 18, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— The battle in North Carolina between farmers and people who live near farms may be over for some Raleigh residents. A new poultry house at North Carolina State University will provide an odor-free environment.

The new facility may be the wave of the future. The birds' waste is dropped onto conveyer belts which are easy to clean. Scientists say the process cuts down on odor and is just one of the ways researchers are trying to balance waste treatment with the environment.

Researchers at NCSU will try to figure out if the waste treatment processes they're using can be used on a large commercial scale, one plan is to create fertilizer from by-products of waste which may make farmers a profit.

Gov. Jim Hunt said the new process means a great deal to farmers and residents.

Mike Williams, Waste Management Center director, said people who live near livestock will benefit from the new process.

While some of the waste treatment processes are already proving effective, researchers aren't sure if the majority of farmers will be able to afford them.