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Heat, Tight Job Market Mire Career Fair Turnout

Posted August 16, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— The hope of landing a stable, well-paying job in Fayetteville was expected to attract thousands of people to spend Saturday standing in line, putting in applications for jobs at the Kelly-Springfield Tire Company. Instead, the heat, humidity and growing job market kept the lines moving.

The largest employer in Fayetteville accepted applications for 300 available positions Saturday. The jobs pay from $10.25-$11.50 an hour. Although there was a large line forming early Saturday morning, folks in the back managed to apply for jobs by noon.

The Employment Security Commission was expecting a larger turnout. John Wittenstrom of the ESC says the fact other employers are hiring may have something to do with Saturday's numbers. Walmart is hiring, and Daymark, a company that does customer service and telemarketing, is moving into town too. Daymark is expected tho hire 200-300 new employees. The market may be getting a little tight.

Folks at the ESC were getting ready for the event on Friday. Wittenstrom spent most of the day sharpening the 800 pencils that applicants will use to fill out the applications. By early afternoon, Wittenstrom had burned out two sharpeners, and he was working on the third.

Organizers of the event weren't the only people anxious to see Saturday's job-hunters. The prospective employees, themselves, were just as excited about the prospect of a brighter financial future. Glenn Hyman planned to be in line early.

Saturday's job fair wasn't the first time Fayetteville has attracted job-seekers. On a dreary Saturday in April, thousands of people stood in the cold rain, waiting to fill out applications for Wal-Mart. Employment Security Commission Manager Catherine Van Sickle expects more folks to turn out this weekend.

Fayetteville's field day for job-hunters will once again commence next Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Fayetteville Technical Community College's Cumberland Hall on Hull Road.

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