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Raleigh Police Locate Car,<BR> Carjacker Still on the Lam

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The Toyota Camry Wagon found at the Brownestone
RALEIGH — The N.C. Bankers Association put up rewards of up to $5,000 on Saturday for information leading to arrests intwo Friday bank robberies. Meanwhile, an alleged Raleigh bank robber, kidnapper, and carjacker is still on the loose.

In Friday's first robbery, the suspect carjacked a Toyota Camryfrom a West Morgan Street parking lot, tied up the owner, thendrove to the CCB branch on Clark Avenue in Raleigh's CameronVillage. There, he tied the owner's head to the headrest, and went to rob the bank.

While the unidentified suspect robbed the bank, the Camry owner managed tobreak free and go to the nearby First Citizen's Bank and flagged downhelp. The suspect took an undisclosed amount of cash and fled the scenein the Camry.

Police later located the getaway car only blocks from the scene of therobbery. The car was parked near some dumpsters behind the BrownestoneHotel on Hillsborough Street.

Police are looking for the man pictured at left, whose image wascaptured on a surveillance video tape. If you've seen him, you are askedto contact the Raleigh Police Department.

Later Friday, another CCB branch was robbed on Erwin Road in Durham. Ithappened around 6:45 p.m. when a man entered the bank, put a mask over hisface, and told customers and tellers that it was a stick-up.

The robbertold the people in the bank to get on the floor. That's when anunidentifed Duke University professor tried to grab the robber'sgun. They got into a tussle, and the professor was treated for headwounds after the robber hit him in the head with the gun. The robber andan accomplice then took money from the tellers and fled.

Saturday morning, the N.C. Bankers Association put up rewards of up to$5,000 for information that leads to arrests in Friday's robberies. Folkswith information are urged to call the Bankers Association at1-800-209-2293. Their hotline is always open.


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