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Local Restaurants Not Worried About Tainted Beef

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Boston Market is one of two local chains tainted meat never made it to
RALEIGH — Company representatives from Burger King andBoston Market chains say the ground beef that's currently causing anational scare may be in stores in the West and Northeast, but not here.

However, whenever there is a risk of e-coli, a bacteria that can beespecially dangerous to children and people with weak immune systems, anypossible threat should be taken seriously.

The national scare started with a recall of 20,000 pounds of HudsonFood hamburger patties after some people in Colorado got sick frome-coli found inside them. Thursday morning there was anotherrecall. Another 20 pounds of the same brand of ground beef made its way into popular restaurant chains Burger King and Boston Market.Bryan Jones, District Manager of Boston Market, says the meat never madeitto this area.

Triangle Burger King owners released a statement saying they neverreceived the tainted meat.

"We are confident that Burger King Corporation's stringent qualitystandards, inspection policies and cooking requirements ensure thecontinued safety of our customers."

The beef patties did, however, make it to North Carolina. Sam's Clubcarries Hudson Food patties, but has removed all of the last shipment fromthe store's freezers. No one from Sam's would speak to WRAL-TV5 oncamera, but the company did release a statement."Customers may return any package of Hudson frozen patties,open or not open, for a full refund, no receipt required. What's importantis the customer's peace of mind."

That position was echoed by Boston Market management.

Both Burger King and Boston Market management also point out that theycook all beef at a temperature of 155 degrees or above. That killse-coli.

In fact, there is no danger with the bacteria if you always makesure you cook any ground beef all the way through, and wash your hands andany utensils before they touch anything else.

If you think you might have any of the Hudson Food tainted meat, don'ttake chances. Return it or throw it out immediately.

You do still need to be concerned about those frozen hamburger pattiessold in supermarkets. Hudson Food's says they may be infected with e-coliand they were sold across the state.

Here's what's being recalled:

  • 3 pound packages of hamburger patties with code numbers 156-A-7 or156-B-7
  • 15-pound boxes with code number 155-B-7.
  • If you have these burgers in your freezer or refrigerator, take themback to the place of purchase. You should be able to get a full refund.

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