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Massive Spill Sends Filth into 2 Creeks

Posted August 13, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Water quality teams spent much of Tuesday evening cleaning up from a massive sewage spill that occurred near Highway 50 near Garner. By Wednesday afternoon, water quality officials said the cause of the spill had been repaired.

A pipe broke, sending untreated sewage into two creeks that feed a tributary of the Neuse River.

The Garner Waste Water Treatment Plant pipe break spilled nearly 1 million gallons of sewage. Water quality experts say several hundred fish are dead. The sewage is circulating in two creeks off Oregon Trail, near State Highway 50.

Officials say, fortunately, there were no overflows at any of the sewage lift stations while repairs were being made. That means no drinking water was endangered.

Garner Town Manager Peter Bine says it could have been much worse.

Most concern appears to be centered around Swift Creek which is about 1,000 yards from where the spill occurred. That area is home to many endangered species. Wildlife officials were at the site Wednesday afternoon investigating.

Crews were expected to return to the site Wednesday morning. Officials say they will try to vacuum the area around the spill.