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Pedestrian Accidents on the Rise in Fayetteville

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Many pedestrians cross the street in unsafe places
FAYETTEVILLE — For the past five years the number of accidents involving pedestrians hasbeen on the rise in Fayetteville. So far six pedestrians have been killedthis year.

Fayetteville police said pedestrians need to be more cautious. Too manytimes, they're in dangerous places in the roads. The police are now tryingto convince pedestrians to think safety.

Fayetteville police said too many people put their lives on the line whilewalking. Last year, 110 pedestrians were hit in the city, 35 sufferingserious injuries, six dying. Another six have died so far this year. Thepolice said they have seen enough.

All over the city, pedestrians cross the roads where they shouldn't. It'salso not safe to walk in the roadway, but residents say they have tobecause most of the city streets don't have sidewalks.

Earlier this month, a car plowed into four joggers along Highway 301. Thedriver faces charges but police say the joggers should not have been there. Another pedestrian died along the Martin Luther King Freeway in March.

A fence lines the highway, but people have found a way around it.

"I myself have seen several near misses, and it's just a matter oftime before we have another tragedy," said Waters.

The police say it's important to use the sidewalks and crosswalks wherethey exist. Also, pedestrians should walk facing the traffic so they havea second or two to respond to danger.

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