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School Secretary Writes Poem For Plymouth Students

Posted August 7, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— A stranger's words bring comfort to a community grieving. Cheryl Brown Avery, secretary of Carver Elementary School in Henderson, has spent her entire life working with children. When she heard about the tragedy in Plymouth, she decided to write a poem that band director Leroy Bland read at Clayton Chesson's funeral Saturday.

In the darkness I hear them calling, Ten innocent children with a song in their hearts. Only God knows the path of their destiny, these innocent children filled with song.

"I had to let them know that someone cared about their children," said Avery.

Although they will be missed and treasured as well, the memories of each will last forever. I pray for their souls and the families as well. For God has taken these precious angels, and laid them to rest in His sweet kingdom.

"What could I possibly say to try to help these people to let them know that there's someone else out there that cares about their children," said Avery.

Although they will not play in the band here on earth,

"This lady, I never met her before," said Bland. "I didn't know her, but how she could feel that without even knowing these kids is fantastic."

But fear not because God now has a heavenly band awaiting each and every child. I can hear the trumpets playing in God's heavenly chorus.

One woman putting pen to paper, to make sense out of sadness, to let a community know they're not alone in their sadness.

The sweet sound fills the night air such as a whisper of an innocent child. Play on children, play on!

Reporter: Betsy Sykes