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KKK Flyers Hand Delivered in Sanford

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The Sanford Herald is usually in the boxes used to distribute KKK materials
SANFORD — A disturbing piece of the United States' past is showing signs of life inthe Lee County town of Sanford. That's because someone is puttingrecruitment letters from the Ku Klux Klan inside newspaper boxes atresident's homes.

The newspaper and the Lee County Sheriff's Office is investigating thedistribution of KKK flyers, but so far they have no leads. The only clueas to the origination of the pamphlets is a post office box address fromGulf, North Carolina. The last know KKK group is from Gulf. Itsupposedly closed its doors in 1993 after a lawsuit.

Vickie Atkins was appalled to get a KKK recruitment letter in her box.She didn't realize such activity could go on so close by.

Atkins' attitude is shared by many Lee County residents. The SanfordHerald, which owns the boxes, and the Sheriff's Department is trying toget to the bottom of the situation and find out who's responsible. Thepaper says none of its carriers are involved.

Bill Horner, the General Manager of the Sanford Herald, says it's like theKKK to hide its face. Horner says the way the literature was distributedis another indication of the KKK being secretive.

For now, some people say they want the KKK to know its views aren'twelcome. Atkins says her family doesn't uphold the values of the KKK.She doesn't want her children exposed to it, and she feels others maythink the same way.

That wasn't necessarily the case. A few people WRAL'sAmanda Lambspoke with said they take nooffense to the KKK literature.

Regardless of whether the identity of the person who distributed thepamphlets is found, the Sheriff's department said there are no charges onthe books that could be filed in the case. The Sanford Herald has noplans to seek legal action on its own.

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