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Rural Customers Last to Receive UPS Delivery

Posted August 6, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Some of the last places UPS deliver will reach are homes and businesses in the country. To make matters worse for these people, they have fewer alternative services. Many business owners in rural areas say without UPS, they're in big trouble.

Pratt Winston, an Oxford businessman, has added a new, hopefully temporary department to his electronics supply business because of the UPS strike. A do-it-yourself-delivery.

"We're just using our pickup trucks and our employees to take them to Raleigh to save them some time," said Winston. "Normally this would be going by UPS.

"We're a small business located in Oxford and we really depend on out-of-state skipments and shipments going into Raleigh and Fayetteville and pretty much everywhere," said Winston.

Winston imports parts for computers, assembles some parts and redistributes them to customers along the east coast. He says the UPS strike has put a crimp in moving merchandise onto and off of his shelves.

"We got some shipments coming in from California that are tied up in the UPS strike," said Winston. "In a few days we can do it but then we'll be running low on supplies."

For shipping out, the mail room has options some other rural businesses might not have.

"If we didn't have Fed Ex, they said they would not be taking on any new customers, if we didn't have Fed Ex, I don't know what we'd be doing, I'll be frank," said Winston.

Winston is contracting private couriers, truckers, even his own employees are making in-state deliveries.

"But we'll manage, we're used to it, when the going gets rough, we get tough," said Winston. "So we'll do it, we'll manage."