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Cary Flasher Strikes Again

Posted August 6, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Experts say sexual attacks often build on other acts. Wednesday, police in Wake County were trying to catch a man who's been fondling young girls. They hope to get the suspect before his perversion takes another dangerous step.

Officers say the suspect is very aggressive, and that has them concerned. The latest attack happened Tuesday afternoon on Ramblewood Drive in Wake County. That's between Apex and Cary. A man approached a middle-school-aged girl riding her bicycle. He struck up a conversation with her then fondled her. Her sister was inside her house at the time. She saw everything that was happening outside. The attacker left when the sister came out of the house and started to yell.

Police say the suspect is between 18-23 years old with long, brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. He's driving a white work van with a North Carolina commercial license plate.

Lieutenant Dan Nagle of the Wake County Sheriff's Department considers the suspect a predator who is fixated on young girls. He believes the flasher will strike again if he sees another girl he is attracted to in the same manner.

Cary police say the same man fondled two other girls and exposed himself in two other attacks all in the same general area.

If the person is the sketch is familiar to you, you're asked to call your local law enforcement agency as soon as possible.