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$8 Million to be Sunk into Housing Project

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Workers install new cabinets inside the Oxford Manor housing project
DURHAM — One of Durham's oldest public housing projects is receiving a much neededmake over. The Durham Housing Authority is using $2.6 million federaldollars to renovate Oxford Manor. The facelift may also help lift thespirits of the people living there.

Regina Terrell is getting a brand new kitchen for free. The DurhamHousing Authority is renovating all 150 units of the Oxford Manor publichousing project.

"They try to upgrade it to make people feel positive," Terrell says."I think it's great. Not every place has this."

Workers are busy installing the new kitchens. The work will take most ofthe summer to finish. One the renovation is complete, new countertops andcabinets will give an old place a new look. A stove and refrigerator willalso be provided.

Resident Liaison Henry Boone says the Oxford Manor residents care about thechanges being made. It makes them feel like they're not the lowest thingon the totem pole.

Gwen Simpson of the Durham Housing Authority wants the residents to haveunits they can be proud of. Simpson believes that when you take pride inwhere you live, you also take better care of it as well.

After the kitchens are finished, Oxford Manor will receive major landscaping,erosion control and bathroom renovations. The entire project will cost$8 million dollars and be finished by the year 2000.

The Authority has also worked out a deal with Time-Warner Cable to wireOxford Manor for cable television.

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