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Blockbuster Trial Ends with Guilty Verdict

Posted August 5, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— A Raleigh jury wasted no time Tuesday finding Vincent Hall guilty in the first degree murder of Kier Lohbeck. After a seven day trial and only four hours of deliberations, the panel found sufficient evidence to convict Hall of the 1994 killing of the Mission Valley Blockbuster Video employee.

The verdict came as shock to one member of Hall's family who sprinted out of the courtroom in despair. The reaction caused the judge to issue a warning to other members of the courtroom not to do the same thing.

Steve Lohbeck, Kier's father, was also shaken by the verdict. With tears in his eyes, Lohbeck told the media he and his wife didn't attend the trial because they thought Hall was guilty. Lohbeck says they were there because they were Kier's parents, and that's what mattered.

Hall sat sobbing as his fate was decided. Because the trial did not involve the death penalty, all members of the jury were released and a life sentence was imposed on Hall by the judge.